Catfish, Giant Sea (Arius thalassinus)

catfish giant sea

The Giant Sea Catfish is a member of the Ariidae family of fishes (Sea Catfish)which is widely distributed throughout Southern Asia in tropical marine and brackish waters.  The Giant Sea Catfish is capable of reaching over one metre in length and is found in various river systems in Thailand such as the Ban Pakong, Maeklong and Mekong Rivers.
Giant Sea Catfish or Giant Marine Catfish feed on a varied diet of crabs, mantis shrimps,prawns, molluscs and small fishes.
The Giant Sea Catfish or Giant Marine Catfish is typically a marine species which sometimes ventures into the brackish waters of Thailand’s river systems.
This ancient family of sea catfish has been dated back to the Eocene epoch of the Tertiary period.
The Giant Sea Catfish can be identified by its forked caudal fin (tail) and sharp dorsal and pectoral fins with leading spines and should be handled with caution when caught.
This species of catfish has three pairs of barbules and in some rare instances two pairs and is a totally devoid of scaling.
The streamlined body of the Giant Sea Catfish displays a silver colouration and is armoured with protective bony plates located on the fish’s head and in front of the dorsal fin.
Giant Sea Catfish can be caught in Thailand when fishing on the various tidal river systems with light weight tackle.
When fishing for Giant Sea Catfish in Thailand this species regularly is caught when ledgering with small prawns and shrimps.

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