Catfish, Goonch (Bagarius Yarrelli)

catfish goonch

The highly predatory and awe inspiring Goonch Catfish needs no introduction and has been heavily featured in the media in recent years.  Also know as the Devil Fish this awesome predatory species has a fearsome appearance with a wide gaping mouth which is lined with rows of menacingly sharp teeth.
This fearsome looking catfish is a heavily built scale-less catfish with sharp looking dorsal, pectoral and caudal fins and a flattened head with large sensory barbules.
The Goonch Catfish inhabits some of the most inhospitable waters on Earth and is widely distributed throughout India and the Ganges, the Himalayas, Mekong basin in Thailand and Indonesia.
The Goonch Catfish favors larger rivers with boulder strewn substrates where it can shelter from the current waiting for unsuspecting prey fish to approach before launching its deadly attacks.
This catfish has been captured in India at colossal weights of over 75kg’s and has been reported as to reaching weights of over 30kg in the Mekong River in Thailand.
Fishing Thailand for Goonch Catfish often requires the angler to venture to some of the furthest and most remote parts of Thailand to fast moving rivers and rapids.
Goonch Catfish have also been stocked into several of Thailand’s commercial fisheries such as Palm Tree Lagoon and IT Lake Monsters where they can be caught fishing with lures, live baits or worms

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