Catfish, Salween Rita (Rita Sacerdotum)

catfish salween rita

The Salween Rita Catfish is a rarely seen Thailand catfish species which can reportedly reach lengths of almost two meters and is found in various parts of South East Asia including Myanmar and the Mekong basin in Thailand.
The Salween Rita Catfish is a member of the Bagridae family of fishes which inhabits large rivers and is thought to feed on benthic organisms and small fishes.
The Salween Catfish is a very rare fish species in Thailand’s commercial fisheries with very few anglers encountering this most rare of river catfish species.
This river catfish species in Thailand is scaleless with a broad body and head which display a grey colouration throughout and is equipped with sensory barbels which it uses to seek out prey items in the mainstream of rivers that it inhabits.
With a large tail and fins of a similar greyish colouration this Thai Catfish has the potential to grow to a large size in the correct environment.
Fishing for Salween Rita Catfish in the wild would require travelling to some of the more remote parts of Thailand such as the Mekong River Basin.
The obscure Salween Rita Catfish has been stocked into several of Thailand’s commercial fisheries including Palm Tree Lagoon where they have the potential to rank amongst some of the largest of Thailand’s monster fish species.
When fishing for Salween Rita Catfish we would advise fishing with worm or feeders packed with groundbait.

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