Catfish, Suckermouth (Hypostomus plecostomus)

catfish suckermouth

The Suckermouth Catfish is a member of the Loricariidae (Armored catfishes) family of fish found in the Amazon Basin in South America in addition to some parts of Central America.
The Suckermouth Catfish is a siluriform that feeds on algae and small crustaceans which has been extensively introduced into fisheries and aquariums throughout Asia.
This Catfish species is easily identifiable from its short robust body which displays an ancient armoured black to grey colouration.
This armoured catfish’s head and body is encased in longitudinal rows of armoured scutes with the catfish having large fan like fins and a tapered upper tail.
The Suckermouth Catfish has an underslung mouth which assists in the feeding of algae found on submerged rocks and boulders in the substrate of its natural habitat in slow moving streams and ponds.
Although clearly not one of Thailand’s Megafish the Suckermouth Catfish plays a significant role in the aquatic environment of Thailand’s fishing lakes and ponds. Suckermouth Catfish are caught regularily by anglers fishing with small paste baits, worms and grubs.

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