Catfish, Thai Shark (Helicophagus Leptorhynchus)

catfish thai shark

The Thai Shark Catfish is a native species of Thailand catfish which is found throughout the Mekong basin and Chaophraya basins in Thailand in addition to being present in Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay peninsula.
The Thai Shark Catfish is a member of the pangasiidae family of catfish which is reported to reach a maximum length of 70 cm’s and weights approaching 7 kg’s.
This species of Thai Catfish is of a very similar appearance to the Striped Catfish sharing the same grey to silver colouration and scaleless muscular body.
The Thai Shark Catfish is equipped with two pairs of sensory barbels which are located at the side of its mouth and on its lower lip which it uses to keenly seek out food items.
In its natural riverine environment the this catfish remains in main river channels unlike several other species in the Helicophagus genus and migrates upstream and downstream with changes of the water levels.
Thai Shark Catfish can be caught whilst fishing in several of the Northern Thailand rivers and their tributaries in addition to fishing at IT Lake Monsters and Palm Tree Lagoon.

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