Catfish, Truncated Estuarine (Cryptarius Truncatus)

catfish truncated estuarine

The Truncated Estuarine Catfish in Thailand is a member of the Ariidae family of fishes (sea catfishes)which is widely distributed throughout Sumatra, Java, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand.
In Thailand the Truncated Estuarine Catfish is found in the lower reaches of the Chaophraya River, Maeklong River and the Mekong River in freshwater and brackish water conditions.
This Thai Catfish feeds on a variety of small fish and crustaceans.
The truncated Estuarine Catfish in Thailand reaches a maximum length of 42cm and is also referred to as the Spoon Snouted Catfish due to its compressed head shape which is equipped with three pairs of sensory barbules used to actively seek out prey items in the murky waters it inhabits.
The truncated Estuarine Catfish or Spoon Snouted Catfish has a slender elongated body shape which displays a light brown or beige colouration with orange coloured fins.
Truncated Estuarine Catfish or Spoon Snouted Catfish can be caught whilst fishing on the tidal rivers of Thailand when fishing with light weight outfits with small prawns and shrimps for bait.

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