Catfish, Vundu (Heterobranchus Longifilus)

catfish vundu

The Vundu Catfish is a species of airbreathing catfish found in the African countries of Niger, Senegal, Egypt, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia, Vundu Catfish can attain lengths of 1.5 meters and reach weights in the excess of 55 kg’s which favours deep lakes and rivers such as the River Nile.
The Vundu Catfish displays an olive brown colouration throughout its serpent-like body in its dorsal region giving way to a lighter brown in its lower area and an off-white abdomen section.
The Vundu Catfish’s flattened head has a wide gaping mouth and is equipped with several sets of sensory barbules which it uses to keenly seek out prey items in the muddy waters it inhabits.
The Vundu Catfish is South Africa’s largest freshwater species and is capable of powerful bursts of speed and aggression.
Recent stockings of Vundu Catfish into Thailand’s commercial fishing ponds have now allowed anglers fishing in Thailand the opportunity to fish for this extraordinary catfish species with Palm Tree holding Vundu Catfish in the excess of 7 kg’s.

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