Yellow Catfish (Hemibagrus nemurus )

yellow catfish

The Yellow Catfish or Hemibagrus nemurus is a member of the Bagridae family of freshwater fishes which is widely distributed throughout the Asian subcontinent through Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia,Singapore and Laos.
The Yellow Catfish is a riverine species which inhabits fast flowing turbid waters which ventures into inundated forests and flooded areas to spawn in wet season.
This Catfish is equipped with three pairs of sensory barbules which it uses to keenly seek out prey items amongst the rocky substrate where it actively subsists on a diet of small fish and other aquatic invertebrates.
The Yellow Catfish shares many characteristics with its close relative the Asian Redtail Catfish such as streamlined scaleless body, fan-like dorsal fin and sensory barbules but is easily distinguished and identified by its pale yellow to green colouration displayed throughout its upper side and flanks.
When fishing for Yellow Catfish in Thailand this species can be targeted in various rivers such as the Chaophraya River ,Mekong River and River Kwai in addition to various natural reservoirs such as Khao Laem Dam and Srinakarin Dam.

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