Fire Eel (Mastacembelus erythrotaenia)

fire eel

The Fire Eel is a freshwater fish species which is native to the freshwater rivers and forest streams of Thailand which is also widely distributed through a large part of South East Asia in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Borneo and Laos.
The Fire Eel favours slow to brisk moving water and fine sediment in which they regularly burrow into the sandy substrate leaving only their snout visible.
Fire Eels are voracious predators which actively hunt prey at all depths of the river subsisting on a varied diet of small fish, shrimp and other water dwelling insects.
The Fire Eel in its wild native environment of Thailand rivers and streams can attain lengths of 1.2 meters and weighing in the excess of 2.4 kg’s.
The Eel’s base colouring is dark brown to grey, whilst the abdomen is a lighter shade of the same colour. The pattern varies by individual. Usually several bright red lateral stripes and spots mark the body. The red markings vary in intensity depending on the age and condition of the fish.
Juvenile Fire Eels display yellow to amber markings,whilst adult Fire Eels generally display deeper red markings.
The Fire Eel can be found in various rivers and streams in Thailand which include the Chaophraya and Ban Pakong Rivers in addition to several commercial fisheries such as Palm Tree Lagoon.
When Fishing Thailand for Fire Eels small baits such as worms or shrimps are highly effective when fished on the bottom with light presentations

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