Golden Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis)

golden dorado

The Golden Dorado is a freshwater game fish that lives in central to east-central South America in in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and northern Argentina, where found in the river basins of the Paraguay, Uruguay, Chapare and Mamoré, and the drainage of the Lagoa dos Patos.  Golden Dorado are capable of reaching lengths of one meter and weights in the excess of 30kg’s in their native range in South America and tend to mainly travel in small groups preying on various other species of smaller fishes.
The Golden Dorado is a highly sought after fish by fly and lure fishing fans alike which is renowned for its highly aerobatic jumps when hooked and great fighting strength and stamina.
The Golden Dorado displays a stunning colouration of gold to emerald green throughout its scale covered body with yellow to orange fins.
The Golden Dorado has recently been introduced into Thailand fishing lakes and ponds at relatively low weights.
Fishing Thailand for Golden Dorado involves either delicate fly fishing presentations or small lures fished on light weight outfits.
The Golden Dorado has recently been stocked into Palm Tree and several other Thailand fishing lakes and ponds allowing visiting anglers the chance to target this most sought after of South American river species

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