Goliath Tiger fish (Hydrocynus goliath)

goliath tiger fish

The Goliath Tiger fish is a fearsome looking predatory monster fish which can be found in the Congo River system and Lake Tanganyika in Africa.
Goliath Tiger fish can reach weights in the excess of 70 kg’s in their native environment in Africa and lengths of over 5 feet making it a true monster fish in every sense of the word.  Goliath Tiger fish are easily identified by their huge mouths which are lined with sets of gigantic teeth and large framed scale covered bodies displaying a shimmering silver colouration.  Goliath Tiger fish are highly adept predatory hunters which are able to sense sound and low frequency vibrations emitted by prey species in the turbulent waters that they inhabit.
Goliath Tiger fish also have excellent vision making them what could be described as the ultimate predatory hunting machines.
Local legend and folklore in Africa tells of Goliath Tiger fish not being afraid of crocodiles and in some instances actually attacking smaller crocodiles in addition to stories of Goliath Tiger fish actually attacking and killing humans in remote stretches of river in Africa.
Goliath Tiger fish are an extremely sought after freshwater game fish species that quite often hurl themselves out of the water in acrobatic attempts to shed anglers hooks!
Goliath Tiger fish have recently been imported into Thailand’s commercial fishing lakes and ponds at relatively low weights where they can be caught using live or dead baits and possibly lures and fly fishing techniques.
Goliath Tiger fish are now present in Palm Tree and several other of Thailand’s fishing lakes and ponds allowing angers to target this most sought after of monster fish species.

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