Mahseer, Blue (Neolissochilus stracheyi)

mahseer blue

The Blue Mahseer is distributed throughout Asia in Myanmar through Thailand and possibly as far as the Cardamon Range in Cambodia. The Blue Mahseer in Thailand has been reported from the Salween River, Maeklong River, Chao Phraya River, Mekong and Peninsular and Southeast Thailand river systems and is also present in the Dakrong River in Viet Nam.
The Blue Mahseer attains weights approaching 7 kgs with a maximum length of 70 cms with a bronze to black coloration throughout their heavily scaled flanks.
The Blue Mahseer is renowned for its shy and elusive manner and intolerance of human disturbance and degradation of its native habitat.
Mahseer in Thailand mainly inhabit fast flowing streams with mature adult fish favouring clear forested streams and rivers which afford the shy and elusive Blue Mahseer plenty of cover with sandy or gravelly runs.
This omnivorous Mahseer species in Thailand feeds primarily on small fish, insects and invertebrates in addition to various plant and vegetable matter.
Fishing for Blue Mahseer in Thailand often sees the angler needing to venture to some of the densest jungles and remote locations in search of this most prized of freshwater fishes using fly fishing or lure fishing presentations.

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