Mangrove Jack (Lutjanus Argentimacultatus)

mangrove jack

The Mangrove Jack is a popular marine sport fish which is also found in brackish and freshwater environments. The Mangrove Jack is also commonly referred to as the ‘Sea Perch’ and is stocked into a small amount of Thailand’s fishing lakes and ponds.  It is a highly energetic sport fish which has a huge range from the indo-pacific region reaching to the Red Sea in addition to Australia.
This carnivorous predatory species predates on other fish as is common with all fish belonging to the Perciformes (perch-like fishes) family of fish.
The Mangrove Jack is found amongst the roots of mangrove trees, rocky strewn bottoms and near any submerged structure where it launches explosive attacks on prey fish.
The Mangrove Jack has a spectacular appearance with green or bronze to reddish colouration throughout its entire scale covered body and attains maximum lengths of over 1.2 metres.
The Mangrove Jack is an extremely hard fighting sport fish performing aerial displays when hooked and is a particularly prized capture by international lure anglers.
The Mangrove Jack is most commonly found in estuarine environments and sunken mangrove forests and migrates into marine environments and off shore reefs to spawn.
This highly acrobatic fish is rarely caught in Thailand and is a highly regarded sport fish which has been introduced in very small numbers to only a few freshwater fishing lakes and ponds in Thailand.
The rarely encountered and much sought after Mangrove Jack can be caught occasionally whilst lure fishing and trolling from boats in Thailand with various artificial lures

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