Mrigal (Cirrhinus Cirrhosus)


The Mrigal or Small Scale Mud Carp is a native freshwater species to the Indian subcontinent and has been widely exported to neighbouring countries in Asia including Thailand.
This small and little known member of the Cyprinidae (carps) family of fish is entirely herbivorous feeding on plankton and grazing on algae and other aquatic vegetation.
The Mrigal or Small Scale Mud Carp has a sleek and slender body covered in small silver scaling and has small reddish to orange coloured pectoral, anal and pelvic fins.
The dorsal fin and fork shaped caudal fin (tail) of the Mrigal Carp display a darker grey to black colouration.
The Mrigal’s mouth has a distinctive protruding upper lip making it easily recognizable from other Indian Carp species giving it a snub nosed appearance.
This Thai Carp species is found in slow moving streams, brooks and various natural freshwater reservoirs and dams in Thailand and is also present in various freshwater fishing lakes and ponds throughout Thailand and can be caught on cereal groundbait when carp fishing for Giant Siamese Carp and other Asian Carp species.

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