Nandid Perch (Pristolepis Fasciata )

nandid perch

The Nandid Perch or Malaysian Leaffish is one of the smaller Thailand freshwater fish species to be found in Thailand which is also known as the Malaysian Leaf fish.
The Nandid Perch is distributed throughout several regions in South East Asia such as Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay peninsula and is found in the Mekong Basin, Chaophraya basin and Maeklong River In Thailand in addition to several of Thailand’s larger reservoirs such as Khao Laem Dam in Kanchanburi.
This Thai Perch species is found in medium to large sized rivers in addition to flooded fields, lakes,ponds and swamps where it feeds on filamentous algae, submerged land plants, fruits and seeds with some aquatic insects and crustaceans.
The Nandid Perch displays a brown colouration throughout its minutely scaled body with 6-8 blackish coloured vertical bars being visible on adults.
Nandid Perch are present in a large amount of freshwater locations throughout Thailand and South East Asia in addition to several of Thailand’s commercial fisheries such as Palm Tree, Bungsamran and IT Lake Monsters.

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