Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Aureus)

nile tilapia

The Nile Tilapia is an imported species to Thailand and is a member of the Perciformes (perch-like fishes) order of fish and shares many characteristics with the Perch found throughout Great Britain and Europe.  The Nile Tilapia originates from the African subcontinent in Rwanda and Uganda in some of the wildest and inaccessible waters on Earth. The Nile Tilapia is a hardy perch species which subsists on a diet of zooplankton and other aquatic plant matter.
The Nile Tilapia is easily distinguishable with between 7-12 vertical bands found on the cordial fin and is protected by a sharp-spined dorsal fin similar to that of a Perch. This Tilapia species has a tough covering of armoured scales and a dorsal fin interspersed with sharp barbs allowing it a good degree of protection from any larger predatory fish. This fish is found in the upper layers feeding on insects, algae and other aquatic vegetation.
The Nile Tilapia has been widely introduced throughout Thailand in various commercial fisheries and natural reservoirs and is a widely eaten food fish by the local inhabitants.
The Nile Tilapia is regularly caught from most fishing lakes and ponds in Thailand using light tackle and small paste baits or bread.
Nile Tilapia are present in most bodies of water throughout Thailand in addition to the many fishing lakes and ponds throughout the country.

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