Pacu (Collossoma Brachypomum)


The Red bellied Pacu is a close relative of the Piranha group of fishes found in South America and is a member of the Characiformes (characins) family of fish which has been imported into Thailand’s fishing lakes and ponds.
The Pacu feeds on small fish aquatic insects and various vegetation, fruits and seeds that fall into the river.  Very similar to the feared Piranha in appearance the Red bellied Pacu has an impressive set of blunt teeth much like those of a human, it is with these large grinding teeth that the Pacu is able to crush seeds and nuts.
This species is a highly prized sport fish in both its natural range of the Amazon Basin and the lakes and ponds of Thailand. The Pacu is a highly acrobatic sport fish which regularly hurls itself out of the water when hooked in spectacular aerial displays.
The Red Bellied Pacu is a durable and opportunistic predatory fish which is able to subsist on both a herbivorous (vegetarian) diet in addition to eating live and dead fish matter.
This species has been widely introduced throughout Thailand in various freshwater fishing lakes and ponds where it has attained weights of over 20 lb’s.
The Red Bellied Pacu is a regular visitor to the bank at the various fishing lakes and ponds in Thailand which can be caught on both cereal groundbaits and pastes in addition to both live and dead fish baits.

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