Rohu (Labeo Rohita)


The Rohu is a member of the Cypriniformes (carps) family of fishes and is widely distributed throughout Asia in Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh in addition to Thailand.  The Rohu is an Asian carp species that feeds on various insects, crustaceans, plant and vegetable debris in the wild freshwater rivers and lakes that it inhabits in Asia.
This streamlined Thai carp species with a small mouth that has a covering of silver/golden to bronze scaling very similar to that of a Common Carp found in Europe.
The Rohu carp has large slightly flared brown to orange coloured dorsal, pectorals, pelvic fins and fork shaped caudal (tail) fin.
Rohu are a solitary carp that generally swims alone only interacting with other Rohu during times of spawning when they move into flooded marginal areas and inundated forests.
The Rohu or Indian Carp is present in several large natural reservoirs in Thailand such as Khao Laem, Srinakarin Dam and Cheow Lan Dam in addition to being heavily stocked into fishing lakes and ponds throughout the country.
The Rohu is often caught whilst fishing in Thailand by anglers fishing for Giant Siamese Carp and Catfish. The Rohu is a beautiful Asian carp species that is often overlooked by angler’s carp fishing in Thailand.
The Rohu can be caught in Thailand on various carp fishing methods using baits such as maize, cereal groundbaits, pastes and worms and is a satisfying capture when caught on light carp fishing tackle

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