Snakehead, Cobra (Channa Marulius)

snakehead cobra

The Cobra Snakehead is another Thailand Snakehead species which belongs to the Channidae family of freshwater fishes which is widely distributed through East Asia in India, China, Pakistan and Thailand.
The highly aggressive and predatory Cobra Snakehead subsists on a varied diet of frogs, snakes, insects, small fish in addition to opportunistically preying on water birds and sometimes rodents.
This Snakehead species is perfectly designed to launch high speed thrust attacks on unsuspecting prey fish with its long slender body and large mouth filled with razor sharp teeth.
The Cobra Snakehead prefers sluggish slow moving streams and rivers in addition to being found in several inland reservoirs and lakes and is an obligate air breather regularly visiting the surface layers.
These Snakehead are highly territorial and highly protective of their young and can be found protecting the balls of fry at time times of spawning during the wet season where they will attack anything that approaches their young.
Cobra Snakehead fishing in Thailand is best approached during or just after the wet season where the Cobra Snakeheads instinctive urges to protect its newborn make it much easier to catch when fishing with lures.
This species is present in Khao Lam Dam in Kanchanaburi province in addition to several other of Thailand’s large reservoirs and have also been stocked into certain commercial fisheries such as Palm Tree Lagoon.

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