Snakehead, Splendid (Channa Lucius )

snakehead splendid

The Splendid Snakehead is another of Thailand’s lesser known Snakehead species which is a member of the Channidae family of fishes.
The Splendid Snakeheads range extends throughout Sumatra, Thailand, Cambodia and the Malay peninsula where it inhabits forest streams, small rivers and some reservoirs such as Khao Laem Dam.
This Snakehead species is smaller than many other snakeheads and displays a mottled almost camouflaged appearance making it blend perfectly with underwater vegetation. Splendid Snakehead are thought to reach a maximum size of 2-2.5 kgs with a length of 40cms.
The Splendid Snakehead is capable of living in low oxygenated waters as are most Snakeheads and subsists on a varied diet of small fish, frogs and insects.
Fishing Thailand for Splendid Snakehead is best attempted during or after the wet season where fish’s natural instinct to protect their young causes it to strike at anything in the vicinity of its fry balls.
This obscure Snakehead species is found in various streams, rivers and dams such as Khao Laem Dam in Kanchanaburi in addition to commercial venues such as Palm Tree Lagoon where it can be caught by fishing with lures, live bait or worms.

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