Snakehead, Striped (Channa Striata)

snakehead striped

The Striped / banded Snakehead in Thailand is the most commonly distributed member of the Channidae (snakeheads) family of fish and is found throughout Southeast Asia in Vietnam, Malaysia, Southern China , Indonesia and various other Asiatic countries including Thailand.
The Striped Snakehead is a highly adept ambush predator which favours shallow ponds, swamps, canals and lakes and is tolerant of brackish water and water that is depleted of oxygen.
The Striped Snakehead in Thailand is a highly efficient freshwater predator striking at unsuspecting prey fish from the cover of submerged root systems and underwater vegetation.
This species is a perfectly camouflaged Thai predatory fish with a green and brown mottled colouration throughout its sleek elongated body.
The body shape is further camouflaged and disrupted by a series of brown vertical bands/stripes at various points along the length of its minutely scaled flanks.
This highly aggressive freshwater fish feeds on small fish, frogs, prawns and worms and favours slow running lowland rivers in addition to the various natural dams and reservoirs in Thailand.
This species is present in all of Thailand’s waterways and Stillwater’s and also in various commercial fishing lakes and ponds throughout the country.
Striped Snakehead can be caught on a variety of lures whilst fishing in Thailand in addition to live and dead fish baits

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