Sorubim, Barred (Pseudoplatystoma Tigrinum)

sorubim barred

The Barred Sorubim or ‘Tiger Shovel Nose Catfish’ is an extremely aggressive predatory freshwater fish found throughout the Amazon basin and South America. The Barred Sorubim inhabits river channels, floodplains and larger rain forest streams in both running and still water. The Barred Sorubim is a member of the Pimelodidae (whiskered catfishes) family of fish which is easily identifiable by its spectacular colouration with a grey to black back and pure white lateral section with dark tiger-like stripes boldly displayed at intervals along its flanks.
This species actively seeks out prey fish in the muddy waters of the Amazon with the aid of maxillary barbels situated near the front of its mouth and is easily distinguishable by its compressed shovel nosed head.
This fish is an extremely efficient predator which predates on a diverse diet of both live and dead fish, insects, mollusks and possibly small mammals.
With its streamlined scaleless body the Barred Sorubim is a highly maneuverable freshwater monster fish which is capable of lightning fast bursts of speed over short distances in pursuit of prey fish.
Barred Sorubim have been recently introduced into various fishing lakes and ponds throughout Thailand where it has been recorded at weights approaching 30 lb’s.
When fishing in Thailand anglers will catch the predatory Barred Sorubim on a variety of fishing techniques including lure fishing, fly fishing and bait fishing with both live and dead fish baits.

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