Spottail Needlefish (Strongylura strongylura)

The Spottail Needlefish or Strongylura strongylura in Thailand is found in marine and brackish environments throughout Thailand in addition to the Persian Gulf, Pakistan, India, Southern China and Australia.
The spottail Needle fish is a carnivorous fish which subsists on a diet of small fish, in particular clupeoids.
This species can regularly be seen in the upper layers of tidal rivers in Thailand actively hunting close to the surface.
Spottail Needlefish lay eggs on rocks under the water which attach themselves with tendrils located on the surface of the eggs.
This Thai fish species is easily identified by its long streamlined needle-like body shape with silver colouration and blatant black spot located on its tail.
The Spottail Needlefish is another very small fish species by Thailand standards which is easily caught when fishing with light tackle.

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