Tambaqui (colossoma macropomum)


The Tambaqui is a member of the Characin family of fishes and is commonly known as the Giant Pacu or Black Pacu.
The Tambaqui is widely distributed throughout South America where it inhabits flooded forests, backwaters and floodplains.
The fish has a plump rounded body shape and is black to grey in colour with a distinctive green colouration displayed in mature specimens.
This Amazon species has a profile which closely resembles a big Piranha with large almost human-like teeth which it uses to crush nuts.
All fins on the fish are completely black with the Tambaqui being covered in a thick covering of minute chain mail type scaling with the fish feeding on a mixture of zooplankton, snails, insects and decaying plant matter in addition to various nuts and seeds that fall into the river.
The Tambaqui has been introduced into various freshwater fishing lakes and ponds throughout Thailand where it has become an established predatory fish and is regularly caught whilst lure fishing and bait fishing

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