Wallago Leerii (Wallago Leerii)

wallago leerii

The Wallago Leerii is a predatory catfish found throughout Asia from Thailand to Indonesia.
Wallago Leerii are a member of the Sheath Fish family of fishes coming under the order of Siluriformes (Catfish) which is native to the Mekong Basin where they are nocturnal hunters feeding on small fish and prawns.
Wallago Leerii school into large groups in their natural habitat of Asia’s wildest rivers moving into smaller tributaries of the Mekong River to breed.
The whiskers (maxillary barbels) which are packed with sensory receptors located at the sides of the fish’s wide mouth keenly seek out prey items in the muddy and rocky riverbed that it inhabits.
A flattened/compressed head and streamline body shape with forked caudal fin (tail) enable the predatory fish to move quickly through the water devouring any prey fish in its path.
The Wallago is a nocturnal hunter and is most likely to be caught at night or in low light conditions when they actively hunt prey fish.This Thai monster catfish species is considered to be highly vulnerable due to excessive gill netting and over fishing in its natural environment but can be found in several fishing lakes and ponds throughout Thailand.
Wallago Leerii are quite often captured by anglers predator fishing in Thailand with live or dead fish baits and artificial lures.

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