Wallagu Attu (Wallagu Attu)

wallagu attu

The Wallagu Attu is a member of the siluridae or sheathfishes family of freshwater fish which is widely distributed throughout South East Asia in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia in addition to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
This monster freshwater fish species is reputed to reach lengths of 2.4 metres and subsists on a varied diet of small fishes, water fowl and most other water dwelling creatures. Unconfirmed reports of this species reaching weights in the excess of almost 50kg have been heard with fish in the 20kg+ region caught regularly in Thailand.
The Wallagu Attu is a migratory species which travels upstream to shallower waters in the monsoon season to lay eggs, before returning to the deeper reaches of the river where it resides for most of the year.
Wallagu Attu in Thailand can be caught from various lakes , streams and rivers on a variety of live and dead baits offering anglers exceptional sport on light to medium weight tackle.

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