Wels Catfish (Silurus Glanis)

wels catfish

The Wels catfish needs no introduction to European anglers and is found across the majority of Europe with its range extending as far as the Baltic and Caspian Sea’s and Kazakhstan.
The Wels Catfish favors large lakes and slow flowing rivers where it remains in sheltered locations such as sunken trees , holes in the riverbed or various other structure.
This heavy weight catfish is a member of the Siluridae family of fishes which is totally devoid of scales and is easily distinguished by its huge wide head and gaping mouth.
The Wels Catfish has a slippery dark green to brown coloration with a mottled camouflaged pattern displayed through its dorsal and lateral areas down to a yellow or white colored abdomen.
The Wels Catfish is equipped with large sensory barbels which it uses to actively seek out unsuspecting prey fish, large Wels catfish have been captured to well over 2 meters in Europe with colossal weights of over 180 kg’s.
The Wels Catfish is one of the latest introductions to Thailand’s ever growing list of monster fish species which has now been introduced into the commercial fishing lakes and ponds of Thailand.

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