Zig Zag Eel (Mastacembelus armatus‏)

zig zag eel

The Zig Zag Eel is a curious member of the Mastacembelidae family of fishes which is native to India, Pakistan, Sumatra, Sri lanka, Indonesia and Thailand.
This species of Thai freshwater Eel is also known as the Fire Eel and Spiny Eel and is a prized aquarium and eating fish in its native range.
This lesser known species of eel is an elongated fish which displays a brown coloration throughout its snake-like body with a lighter brown lower section.
The Zig Zag Eels body is often marked with brown circular patterns and has one to three darker longitudinal zigzag lines that connect to form a distinct reticulated pattern that is restricted to the dorsal two-thirds of the body further enhancing its snake-like appearance.
The Zig Zag Eel is mostly a nocturnal feeder which prefers the benthic layers of highland streams, lowland wetlands and coastal marshes where it often burrows into the substrate.
This nocturnal eel feeds on a varied diet of bloodworms, benthic insect larvae and blackworms in addition to some plant matter.
Fishing Thailand for Zig Zag Eel often sees anglers fishing flooded canals, lakes and floodplains during the we season with worm or larvae baits. This species is also present in Palm Tree Lagoon and several other of Thailand’s fishing lakes.

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