I first contacted FishSiam in 2010 regarding a fishing trip for my father’s 60th after seeing Rick and Boy on National Geographic catching fresh water sting rays. Having interest in tropical fish and being a keen fisherman with my father whilst I was in the UK, it was a shared dream to catch a large Red Tail Catfish. As such, after making arrangements with FishSiam, I flew in from Hong Kong, and my father flew in from the UK and we visited both Bungsamran and IT Monsters for a three-day tour. It was absolutely fantastic, catching Red Tails, Mekong catfish, Pacu, Tambaqui and an Ariapima. It was exhausting fishing but great to see the team caring for the fish and ensuring their well-being. Seeing the baby Ariapima in the hatchery tanks at IT Monsters was also a fantastic.

I have since been back with FishSiam for a corporate team building fishing event for 16 colleagues and suppliers, as well as a further day at IT Monster. Three separate trips, three fantastic fishing experiences!

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