I’ve found there’s one thing for sure when I’m angling abroad, it’s all about time and money. Having enough of one and not enough of the other will usually determine if I choose to hire a guide. These days time is the big one, it’s running out. I’ve got a long bucket list to get through so I don’t want to waste any time, especially if I have a plane to catch in a few days. I always remind myself ‘You can’t come back here next week’ so I do tend to spoil myself a bit on these trips.

Choosing to hire a guide when time is limited is the first step towards a successful trip as there is no truer saying than the one about local knowledge paying off. I don’t care how good an angler you are, if you are on a couple of weeks holiday to Thailand, money spent hiring a top quality guide service will be the best money you can spend.

My trip to Bangkok with FishSiam.com provided me with some of the best fun fishing I’ve had in years, catching some absolutely monster fish from one venue and coaxing some very unusual species on a fly rod from another. I also learned a lot and made some new friends.

Mekong Catfish fishing Thailand, I’ve fished in dozens of countries all over the world and had some great trips with some good guides. If I had to choose the ‘best’ though it would be a very tough call. I don’t think I could really do it. The closest I could manage would be to name my best five fishing experiences, and the Bangkok/FishSiam trip would definitely be right up there with the very best of them.

Yes, the sheer number and quality of both the fish and the fishing were major factors, but the company and tuition of such an expert guide as Boy is pretty hard to equal. There are not many people on this planet who can show me many new fishing tricks but Boy managed it with ease. He’s also great company and a wonderful colourful character. They handled absolutely everything, not just the fishing but also hotel rooms, taxis, food, drinks, photography, CD of the trip, the lot! Indispensable and very professional help.

So there you have it. A whole-hearted and unquestionable thumbs-up for FishSiam.com – a really professional outfit who will make your trip unforgettable and leave your arm aching from the fish you’ll catch! Go for it!

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