Cheow Lan Dam Thailand

Cheow Lan Dam is located in the beautiful Khao Sok national park in Surrathani province in the Cheow Lan DamSouthern part of Thailand. The reservoir was created by the damming of the Khlong Saeng River which is a tributary of the Phum Duang River located in Surrathani province.

The Phum Duang River is a main tributary of the Tapi River with the river draining an area of 6,125 square km’s west of the Tapi watershed where it finally joins the estuary of the Tapi River 15km west of Surrathani in Phunpin district.

The damming of the Khlong Saeng River by the massive 94m Ratchaprapha Dam formed a gigantic 165 square kilometer lake surrounded by huge mountain ranges consist mainly of limestone which leads to the notable karst geography of the surrounding mountains and hills.

Khao Sok national park is haven for a myriad of wild life with wild Gibbons and various other species such as Barking Deer and tropical bird species present. Khao Sok is also home to the oldest tropical rain forest on Earth with a high diversity of flora and fauna found within its boundaries.

Cheow Lan Dam Lake is an extremely large body of water covering an are of 165 square kilometres. The lake has numerous islands, inlets and bays lined by twisted root systems in addition to varying depths to 30m’s. With some of the larger Dams in the North of Thailand being heavily netted at certain times of the year Cheow Lan Dam Lake has been subject to a high degree of protection by the Thai government.

Khao Sok National Park and Cheow Lan Dam are possibly the most beautiful and unspoilt fishing locations in Thailand affording the angler some of the most beautiful scenery and abundance of wildlife to be found in South East Asia. Cheow Lan Lake is bordered by some of the most impressive scenery with several lime stone caves bordering its banks.

Cheow Lan DamFloating fishing lodges are present a several parts of the lake allowing the angler a base from which to mount their daily Snakehead fishing expeditions.

Cheow Lan Lake is a short one hour drive from Surrathani airport and presents possibly the best opportunity for anglers wishing to capture specimen sized Giant Snakehead , Hampala Barb or Jungle Perch and numerous other native species in the Royal kingdom of Thailand

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