Mae Ngat Dam

Mae Ping National ParkThe Mae Ping National Park and Lower Bhumpiol Dam region is a chain of lakes interconnected by a series of tributaries with the mighty River Ping flowing through its thousands of acres of water. Mae Ping National Park offers fantastic seasonal Snakehead fishing in Thailand against a stunning back drop of jungle flora and fauna.The Lower Bhumipol Dam region and Mae Ping National Park is situated in the Ping Basin which is one of the largest drainage basins in the Chaophraya watershed in Thailand. This series of interconnecting lakes was formed by the damming of the River Ping one of the main contributors of the Chaophraya River. Its various lakes and bays are regularly flooded causing the surrounding jungle to flood creating a gigantic natural fishery.

Mae Ping National Park offers a perfect natural habitat for various Thai predator species with lots of submerged forests and other fish holding features for anglers to target.

Submerged root systems and flooded forests line the banks of this incredible fishery giving cover to GiantMae ping national park Snakehead and other native predatory species. The Lower Bhumipol Dam region in Thailand is rich in flora and fauna and home to an incredibly diverse range of wildlife. Various exotic animals and birds are present in its surrounding jungles such as Fishing Cats, Wild Boar and Gibbons. The Lower Bhumipol Dam region and the River Ping National Park is a place of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by lush green jungle and breathtaking mountainous peaks.

The River Ping National Park in Thailand is situated a short 75km’s South of Chiang Mai through some of the most spectacular scenery to be found in Thailand.

Anglers fishing at the Mae Ping National Park have the option of fishing for Snakehead in the various streams or tributaries in addition to large pools and bays surrounded by lush jungle scenery.

Floating fishing rafts are situated at various parts of the Lower Bhumipol Dam region offering basic accommodation for visiting anglers. These rafts act as basic accommodation for your daily expeditions to various parts of the lakes wild and unexplored reaches.

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