VIP Grouper Ponds Bangkok

The VIP Grouper ponds are located a short forty minute drive from Bangkok and are a series of three man made saltwater ponds containing several different species of Grouper, Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks.

Amazon BKK 2 Thailand

Amazon BKK 2 is a new fishing pond dedicated to Thailand fly fishing and lure fishing for Amazon species near Bangkok

Barramundi Ponds Thailand

Barramundi ponds is a complex of thirty man-made ponds of varying sizes upto three acres. Situated in the Ban Pakong district of Chachoengsao province the complex contains the highly energetic and hard fighting Barramundi.

Bung Buk Lake Bangkok

Bung Buk is a commercial fishery on the outskirts of Bangkok that is stocked with various native freshwater species which is popular with local anglers and has seen very little angling pressure.

Bungsamran Lake

The legendary Bungsamlan Lake is situated in Bangkok, Thailand and is home to some of the largest freshwater fish on the planet. Bungsamlan covers an area of 20 acres and is stocked with monster Mekong Catfish,Giant Siamese Carp and various other monster fish.

Cha Am Fishing Park Thailand

Cha Am Fishing Park in Phetchaburi Central Thailand is a complex of two well stocked commercial fishing lakes offering fishing for Carp, Catfish and predatory Arapaima

Dream Lake North Thailand

Dream Lake is a commercial fishery located in Chiang Mai Province in Northern Thailand which has been stocked with various Carp, Catfish and predator species.

Fishing world Lake Bangkok

Fishing World is located in the Minburi district of Bangkok. Fishing World is a large body of water covering almost six hundred acres with depths going down to some twenty five metres and contains various species of freshwater fish both native and imported to Thailand.

IT Lake Monsters

IT Lake Monsters Predator Lake in Thailand is situated in Ratchaburi province some 120 kms outside Bangkok and is dedicated to predator angling.IT Lake Monster Predator Lake is Thailand’s premier predator fishing venue and is stocked with various predatory monster fish species.

Now Nam Lake Bangkok

Now Nam Lake is situated 50 km’s outside Bangkok. Now Nam is a mature 20 rai / 8 acre mixed species fishery dating back some 30 years which has been stocked with various monster carp and catfish species.

Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand

Palm Tree Lagoon is a commercial fishery located in Ratchaburi province in Western Thailand some 2.5 hours outside Bangkok which has been extensively stocked with monster Arapaima and other giant freshwater fish species

Paradise Lake Chiang Mai

Paradise Lake is situated in Chiang Mai province in Northern Thailand and covers an area of approximately 3.5 acres. Paradise lake is stocked with a large head of Mekong and Striped Catfish offering anglers a hectic days fishing.

Pilot 111 Fishing ponds

Pilot 111 fishing ponds near Bangkok in Thailand is a complex of fishing ponds devoted to lure fishing which has been exclusively stocked with Giant Snakehead, Barramundi, Asian Redtail Catfish and various other freshwater monster fish species.

Top Cats Koh Samui

Topcats fishery is set on the idyllic tropical island paradise of Koh Samui in the province of Surrathani , Southern Thailand. Topcats Lake in Koh Samui is stocked with a wide variety of giant freshwater fish species such as Niger Catfish,Redtail Catfish and various other freshwater giants.

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