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barramundi fishingThe Barramundi fishing ponds is a complex of thirty man-made ponds of varying sizes upto three acres located on a site of several acres near Bangkok. Situated in the Ban Pakong district of Chachoengsao province the complex contains this most highly energetic and hard fighting sportfish. The complex of adjacent ponds is surrounded by lush green meadows and rice fields and the rural scenery makes a pleasant setting for a days angling. Depths at the complex vary from half a metre down to three metres in the various ponds which contain numerous Barramundi with weights ranging from five to twenty-six pounds. Each pond has aerators immersed in them which are turned on at regular intervals to replenish oxygen levels. Quite often after the aerators have just been closed anglers will experience an upsurge in sport with takes becoming more frequent and confident. With a mixture of clean gravel and grassy banks anglers can easily navigate round the various ponds casting at showing fish or in likely looking holding areas.

The Barramundi fishing ponds respond well to various lure fishing and fly angling techniques and multiple catches are guaranteed for anglers of all skill levels. Anglers fishing for Barramundi at the ponds can expect to experience high octane acrobatic action from these highly aggressive and hard fighting fish cast after cast!

Basic facilities are available on site with a small open air restaurant serving a very  limited selection of Thai food and toilets.

Situated just eighty kilometres outside Bangkok and a short forty minute drive from the centre of the city, this complex of ponds in Ban Pakong is the perfect venue for the visiting fly and lure fisherman wanting to experience non-stop Barra action! When visiting this venue anglers are advised to wear long sleeved shirts, hat, glasses and sun block as there is very little cover around the ponds. We would also advise bring water before embarking on circuit of the ponds.

The Fishsiam team has accounted for literally hundreds of Barramundi whilst fishing at this highly prolific lure and fly only venue with weights to over 23lb/10kg+.

Visiting anglers wishing to fish at this venue can do so on a daily basis or combine it in one of our weekly multi venue holidays.

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