VIP Grouper ponds Bangkok

The VIP Grouper ponds are located a short forty minute drive from Bangkok and are a series of three man made saltwater ponds containing several different species of Grouper, Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks.
The complex covers several rai and is a typical Thai owned fishery, which is very popular with local Thai anglers. Weekends can see the ponds extremely busy and it is advisable to fish during mid week to avoid the hordes of local anglers.
Although not aesthetically pleasing compared to some anglers and certainly not appealing to purist anglers VIP fishing park offers the opportunity for anglers visiting Bangkok to lure fish for Grouper and Mangrove Jacks albeit in an artificial environment.
An onsite restaurant provides Thai food and drinks to anglers fishing at the ponds and there is ample shade under the shed-like salas which line its banks.
Fishing at VIP ranges from easy to moderate with seasoned lure anglers having the opportunity to bag up with lots of strikes.
The larger pond contains Grouper up to the 10kg range with 5-6kg an average size.
Located only a stones throw from Bangkok VIP is ideal for the visiting lure fisherman who wishes to catch Grouper by design.

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