Gulf of Thailand

The Gulf of ThailandThe Gulf of Thailand also referred to as the Gulf of Siam is located in the western reaches of the South China Sea. It is bordered by Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Malay peninsula. The Gulf of Thailand is historically referred to as Ao sayam.
The Northern most tip of the Gulf of Thailand meets the entrance of the Chaophraya River and is the gateway to the waterways of the capitol city of Bangkok, in addition the Bang Pakong River and Phetachaburi Rivers also empty into the Gulf of Thailand on its Northern reaches.
On its western peninsula other great Thai river systems such as the Maeklong River, Khlong Yui, Pran Buri River empty their contents into this vast ocean expanse.
The estuarine reaches of all of these great tidal rivers all offer unexplored and mostly untapped fishing potential for various marine species with a multitude of Sharks, Sea catfish, marine species of fish and stingrays and other species acclimatised to brackish water conditions.
With so much untapped water to explore the Gulf of Thailand offers a myriad of fishing options and the possibility of fishing for unknown species against a backdrop of tropical surroundings.

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